Welcome to Kamerahaus

Selling your used photographic equipment has never been this simple.

At Kamerahaus, we dedicate ourselves to providing you the best service possible and the most competitive prices for your used photographic equipment.

With our expertise in Leica, Hasselblad, Contax, Nikon, Canon and many other brands, we can offer you real-time assessments on your used equipment.

Sell your photographic equipment

We have created a very fast, concise and hassle-free method of trading your used photographic gear.

Our easy 5-step selling procedure is hard to beat! We guarantee you absolutely FREE shipping with insurance and immediate payment.

Most of our customers receive their payments in less then 24 hours after we take posession of their equipment!



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What do we buy?

- Digital Cameras

- 35mm SLRs

- Rangefinder Cameras

- Lenses & Filters

- Medium Format Cameras

- Large Format Cameras

- Flashes

- Lighting & Studio Equipment

- Binoculars

- Spotting Scopes

- Tripods

- Projectors

- All related Accessories


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